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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: A Call to Action

Driven by innovation and progress, the technology industry fuels our world. For the U.S. to maintain its position as a world power and economic leader, the nation must focus attention on educating and retaining highly skilled professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. To read more about the call for STEM Education, click here. Interested in learning more about STEM Education? Find resources on the websites of the SEMI Foundation and the SIA’s Choose to Compete Campaign. Both sites offer additional information including news from leaders in the technology industry who share how innovation leadership should be a national priority.

Company News

May 2012 - Josh Dirlam, NWC CEO announced the company's expansion into design and verification of ASIC and FPGAs.

January 2011- Josh Dirlam, NWC CEO has announced that the company plans to expand within its Asian markets. In the coming months, surrounded by the challenges and opportunities of China’s economic conditions, NWC will build a stronger presence in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

December 2010 – NWC is pleased to continue being ISO 9001:2008 certified.

April 2010- Todd Wenninger, head of NWC quality control department, attended the Components Technology Institute Inc. (CTI) Counterfeit Electronic Components Avoidance workshop. This workshop enhanced our company knowledge in the area of counterfeit detection and part inspection.

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