Quality Assurance

Honoring integrity in all interactions, NWC provides customers with the parts they need and the personal service they deserve. Unwilling to take risks on satisfaction, NWC is confident that every part distributed through our facility has met our quality standards.

NWC requires that all incoming parts go through our extensive in-house multipoint inspection. The inspection process includes state-of-the-art equipment including TruView 180-3 X-ray inspection system and Nisene Technology Group's JetEtch Decapsulation equipment. Through our extensive quality-control process, all deliverable parts are examined for potential dips, scratches, pulls and re-markings. All of the quality assurance procedures are done in an electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe area and parts are packaged in static-safe ESD-compliant packaging and vacuum sealed to protect against moisture.

NWC guarantees our products for fit, form, function and solderability for 30 days. When available, we include manufacturer Certificates of Compliance. In addition, all parts are shipped with the NWC Certificate of Conformance.

The NWC inspection and distribution process offers our customers the confidence that we deliver quality products 100% of the time, guaranteed. If you would like to learn more, please contact the head of NWC quality control department, Todd Wenninger, by clicking here.

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